Product Description:

African potato capsules contain hypoxis extract, phytosterols and sterolins. Traditional African healers have been using the African Potato plant for centuries and swear by its great healing and protective powers. It is formulated with special features and ingredients that are suitable to climate region of Africa

Health Benefits:

  • African Potato has anti-malaria, anti-typhoid and anti-fever properties
  • It prevents against Tuberculosis and any coughing infection
  • It is helpful for HIV/AIDS positive patient to depressed immunity
  • It builds up the body immune system
  • The presence of sterols and sterolins help maintain the amount of T-cell in the body
  • It helps prevent allegies, certain cancer, heart diseases and rheumatoid arthritis
  • It removes stress related problems
  • It repels germs and viruses thus allowing the natural defence soldiers to fight infection

      Price: ₦6,935

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