Product Description:

Defender Capsules is a naturegarde product which contain 7 important anti Oxidants, Vitamins A, C, E, Garlic, Grape seed extract, Selenium and Zinc, Anti oxidant serves as a natural antidotes against oxygen free radical (poisons).

Health Benefits:
• It neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals(poisons) in the body
• It build up the immune system
• It defends the body against cold and flu
• It allows the T-cells to be effective in combating infections
• It relieves chest pain
• It is very good for any kind of inflammation
• It prevent and treat bronchitis
• It is a strong anti cancerous agent
• It protects the body against coronary heart disease
• It protect the body against bacterial pathogenic diseases , staphy lococcus and any sexually transmitted diseases.
• It is anti bacteria, anti virus ad anti fungi
• It is a natural antibiotic

   Price: ₦6,435