Product Description:

Each black tablets contains 1. Ginsend-siderian(50mg), 2. Kola extract(10mg), 3. Thiamie HCL-Vitamins B1(10mg), 4. Riboflavine-Vitamin B2(10mg), 5. Pyrodixine HCL-Vitamins B6(10mg), 6. L-Histidine HCL(10mg), 7. L-Arginine- Hydrochloride(10mg), 8. D-L Methionine(10mg), 9. L- Phenylalanine(10mg), 10. Calcium Phosphate Dibasic (155mg). Each Red tablets contains: 1. Guarana Power(150mg), 2. Spirulina Algae(75mg), 3. Soya Protein (75mg).

Health Benefits:
• It improves the body vigour and stamina
• It revitalizes the body cells and organs
• It improves the symptoms of early aging
• It improves the mental alertness and mental stress
• It increases fertility
• It is very good for sexual performance because of Guarana and Ginseng energizing effects
• It is good for fatique and energy loss

  Price: ₦6,335

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